ASD Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Folding Carton Plants

The folding carton plants that Air Systems Design works with, utilize pneumatic conveying to convert large rolls of paper board into products that are seen in everyday products like cereal boxes.

Printed graphic designs are created on the board with a press, dried and then each box is cut using a rotary cutter or a platen cutter.

There are several different manufactures of presses, some are made by Zerand or F&K or Koskseik. Some of these production lines are for cereal box companies, beer companies and soft drink companies. One example would the Budweiser case cartons or twelve pack cartons.

Pneumatic Design to Manage the Waste in Folding Carton Plants

Since these machines are fed by a large roll they do not stop and at the die cut station and can produce a great deal of scrap waste. This operation would require an air system from Air Systems Design to remove the waste. It must be removed fast enough so that the cutter will stay running.

Some folding carton plants do not use large rolls and only use sheet fed machinery.

These plants use platen cutters to make knocks out of the holes and trims the sides of each sheet to obtain the size and shape of the package required to please their customer.

One popular machine manufacturer for this is Bobst. The machines drop the waste from the board die cuts under the machine while some models also drop waste from the end of the machine. These types of machines do not accumulate as much waste as the roll fed machines, but a waste removal system is necessary and Air Systems Design has the expertise and experience to design the perfect pneumatic system to meet the needs of folding carton plants.

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