Pneumatic Conveying Design with Cardboard Balers

We build Pneumatic Conveying systems Expertly designed for folding carton plants and put pneumatic components to work

Our experts in folding carton plants, engineer pneumatic conveying systems that maximize the components in installations utilizing large rolls of paper board that become products, like cereal boxes, that can be found in any neighborhood grocery store.

The rolls of cardboard are transformed in a press with design, color and the eye-catching printed material we're used to seeing. Once the cardboard is dried, the boxes are cut with a rotary or platen cutter.

What begins with a large roll of cardboard, quickly becomes familiar products that we see everyday.

During this transformative process, folding carton plants need to deal with a large amount of scrap waste. This is where our pneumatic systems play a critical roll; we design systems that manage the scrap waste quickly and efficiently while the folding carton process continues to operate.

Folding carton plants can use sheet-fed equipment instead of the rolls of paper, and Air Systems Design can build the ideal, most efficient system in both cases.

Our primary goal is to manage the tonnage of scrap waste utilizing components that are best suited for the folding carton plant, whatever the unique needs may be.

Contact Air Systems Design to find out how we can combine the right balers with the needs of your folding carton system. Take a look at our cardboard balers page and download our baler brochure.

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