ASDI Offers a Complete Line of Balers in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Air Systems Design, Inc., offers a complete line of balers designed specifically to automate the pneumatic conveying process of recyclable materials.

    Closed Door Balers (Low-production)

    These balers come with automatic cycling and standard controls as well as over sized hoppers. Some sizes come with a baler chute that can be used for pneumatic conveying.

    The balers will use 10 to 40 horsepower with bale sizes ranging from 30” x 36” x 60” to 30” x 36” x 72”. The in-feed opening to these size balers are 28” x 36”. [READ MORE]

    Open End Horizontal Balers (Medium-to-High Production)

    Some of these balers come with a shear built into the ram. This helps with large pieces of product that needs to be separated if part of the product is in the charging chamber and part of the product is in the feed chute.

    Open End Horizontal Balers, High (High Production)

    The feed chutes are usually larger than 30” x 40” and up to 40” x 70”. Some baler manufacturers will use up to a 14 inch cylinder.

    Cardboard Balers

    The Air Systems Design cardboard baler product line includes a number of baler options, including both manual and auto tie balers, to suit a variety of production needs. Our team of professional staff including mechanical designers and engineers works with our customers to determine the best balers to meet their processing requirements. Be sure to download our Brochure for more information. [READ MORE]

    Scrap Handling Systems

    Balers serve as a very important component of a pneumatic conveying scrap handling system. Baler components are not only important for handling scrap materials, but are also important profitability factors for businesses that rely on scrap handling systems. [READ MORE]

We represent all of the major Baler manufacturers

Air Systems Design works in conjunction with all of the major baler manufacturers to ensure that the baler being provided is the most compatible with your needs and the pneumatic conveying system being implemented.

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