Cardboard Balers for Efficient Material Handling Systems

Our Cardboard Baler Line includes the best balers for jobs including:

Low Production Volume Cardboard Balers

Low-to-Medium Production Volume Balers

  • Low-to-medium production balers have increased production capacity up to 15 tons per hour with cycle times of 7-30 cycles per second. [ Read more... ]

Medium-to-High Production Volume Balers

  • Medium-to-high production balers have a capacity up to about 20 tons per hour and cycle times ranging from 8-27 cycles per second. [ Read more... ]

High Production Volume Cardboard Balers

  • High production balers can weigh up to 3,000 pounds with production capacity from 40-60 tons per hour. [ Read more... ]

Cardboard balers integrated in pneumatic conveying systems work for increased efficiency.

Air Systems Design works with our clients to design and build the most efficient material handling systems by integrating the best cardboard baler to handle the waste generated by pneumatic conveying systems. ASD has a professional and experienced team of designers and engineers that work to create the right system to handle the big jobs.

Download our Baler Brochure.

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