Low volume balers are also known as Closed Door Balers.

These come with automatic cycling and standard controls, as well as over sized hoppers. Some sizes come with a baler chute that can be used for pneumatic conveying.

These balers will use 10 to 40 horsepower with bale sizes ranging from 30"x36"x60" to 30"x36"x72". The in-feed  opening to these size balers are 28" x 36".

Larger iN- feed openings for pneumatic conveying systems can also be used.

A flared hopper can be used on most of these models. The same horsepower (10-40 HP) will apply as above. There are models with a feed opening of 49"L x 28"W x 42" deep. These models are capable of making 750# to 1300# bales depending on the product.

The Low to Medium baler would not be the best baler choice to work with a paper shredder feeding it. It must have an additional baler chute above it for storage while the baler needs to be tied. This type of baler does not stroke as fast as open end balers.

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