Core Stripping for Handling Butt Rolls in Pneumatic Systems

In most cases a single core stripper and fan system is used, but in larger facilities in which there is no central location allowing access from all sheeters, a second system can be integrated.

Each one of our systems is custom designed according to the heaviest basis weight being run by the customer.

This is done to ensure that the proper air volume is used for capturing and conveying purposes. Systems that are oversized can have adverse effects on the slitting section of the core stripping unit causing damage to the knives themselves. ASDI currently has over fifteen (15) installations running on various basis weights.

The core stripper itself consists of a load table, roll feeding device and core stripping unit. The roll feeding device holds the cores in place on the load table. Once the operator starts the machine, the roll-feeding device individually feeds one roll to the core-stripping unit. The machine will run unattended until the last roll on the table has been stripped, at which time the machine automatically shuts off.

The core stripping unit consists of individual belts located across the machine that rotate the butt roll.

Once rotating, the leading paper edge is guided into two rollers, which form a nip, pulling the web off the core. The nip rollers then deliver the web into the slitter section before being conveyed pneumatically to a separator system for baling. Once the roll is completely stripped, the undamaged cores are automatically dispensed onto a collecting table, which allows easy operator removal and reuse of the salvaged core.

Core stripper feeding the paper to a chopper fan which blows the paper to a baler or pulper.

For pneumatically capturing and conveying the unwound waste, a single fan system is used.

It is placed directly behind the core stripper, on the production floor allowing for the capturing of the waste as it is discharged from the slitter section of the core stripper. The capture hood will be totally insulated with sound proofing material and a suction side silencer will be used for reducing noise levels in the immediate area. In order to further reduce these levels, a sound proof enclosure will be provided for the fan system. This will allow for a reduction of the noise caused by the material hitting the fan wheel. Once the slitted waste has been captured, it will be conveyed to a separator system for baling. All conveying air being used will then be directed to a filter for cleaning prior to being returned to the production area or discharged to the atmosphere.

Core Stripping System Illustration by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.[ CLICK TO VIEW LARGE IMAGE ]

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