Corrugated Box Plants Run More Efficiently with Air Systems Design

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Air Systems Design has the experience and expertise to ensure corrugated box plants are running efficiently to keep costs low and production high.

At ASD, we take pride in doing everything we can to keep installations and components running smoothly and with top efficiency. This is why it was a priority to replace an old cyclone at one corrugated box plant with a new one. Our well-designed corrugator plant solution increased overall capacity and  reduced noise to improve the working environment.

Replacing cyclones to reduce hazardous conditions by managing waste.

Not only was the old cyclone that ASD replaced small and noisy, but it created hazardous conditions with waste. Our larger solution was better suited for the managing waste, as well as being well insulated.

With ASD every installation is optimally designed, and each component carefully chosen for maximum efficiency, minimal hazardous waste, and noise reduction. Call ASD today to find out how we can help your facility today.

Air Systems Design completes Cyclone replacement at corrugated box plants

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