Cyclones in Pneumatic Conveying Design

Air Systems Design has the material handling solutions NEEDED when extremely high air volumes are involved in pneumatic conveying systems.

We have continued to develop and build upon past technology to provide one of the most efficient cyclones on the market.

Through years of experience, we have developed the proper air stack velocity in relationship to product density allowing for efficient separation when using cyclones.

We typically recommend the use of cyclones when the capacities of our Material Discharge Units have been exceeded. We have also been able to successfully filter the conveying air being used returning it to the production facility. This eliminates the dust blowout problems which can currently be seen on the roofs of many older cyclone installations.

Cyclones in Scrap Systems

Balers can be included underneath the cyclones, or in this case, a relay system has been implemented, because in this installation the baler room is too far away. The scrap is produced on the far side of the plant by four (4) fan systems.

When the scrap falls out the bottom of the cyclone, one fan is used to convey the material to another cyclone several hundred feet away, which is located over a baler.

In the image to the below, corrugated waste is conveyed into a cyclone.
Cyclone components in scrap systems designed by Air Systems Design

Cyclone components in scrap systems designed by Air Systems Design

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