Diverters Designed for Dependability in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Air Systems Design manufactures two different types of diverter valves

Air Systems Design Diverters for the best, most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.There are single blade and double blade diverters.

The single blade diverter has one shaft and one cylinder. Since the blade goes against the air stream when moving in one direction, it is recommended that the fan system is off and no material is in the ductwork while switching.

The double blade diverter has two shafts and two air cylinders, and can be used to switch with material being conveyed through it. The fan or air system does not have to stop running, therefore, it can switch on the "fly".

Both diverters are designed so that the blade is not interfering with the material during operation.

This design has very few plugs and is very dependable for high production lines. ASDI uses good air cylinders with the solenoid mounted directly to the cylinder. We provide proximity switches on both ends so that a PLC can acknowledge that the blade has made it to the position it is suppose to be in.

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