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This illustration shows a typical Extruder Trim System which uses a two (2) fan system for efficient pneumatic conveying.

The first fan will be dedicated to handling the trim being generated by the extruder while the second will handle the trim being generated by the rewinder. Once captured, the trim will be conveyed to a separator system for either compacting or baling. The remaining dust laden conveying air will be directed to a filter for cleaning prior to being returned to the facility or discharged to the atmosphere.

In the event that the product being conveyed has high static electricity characteristics, some clinging in the system could occur. This, however, is easily overcome with the use of static elimination devices. These are usually placed in-line with the conveying ductwork or in the baling chute.

Extruder Trim System Illustration
Extruder Trim System Illustration by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

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