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We strive to provide competitive pricing while offering the best available equipment (including shredders, balers, and filters) with the best warranty from one source.
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Efficiently Designed Dust Systems are Important for Explosion Protection

Air Systems Design knows the importantce of an efficiently designed Dust System for capturing dust safely for explosion protection.

Dust systems that incorporate efficient dust control is essential to protect against the risk of explosions due to dust. Small solid dust particles in the environment can create hazardous conditions if not properly maintained in an efficient Dust Control System. The experienced and profession team at Air Systems Design, design dust systems to keep employees, facilities and equipment safe in the midst of production enfironments.

ASD takes every aspect of dust control systems for maximum explosion protection including

  • Employees Safety
  • Codes and Standards
  • Facilities Safety
  • Environment Safety

ASDI is always ready to conduct site visits in plants throughout North America and Latin America to determine how we can help your business maximize efficiency while maintaining maximum safety. E-mail us at for additional information on our consulting services.

Dust Systems by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying.

Dust Systems by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying.

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