Open-End Horizontal Auto-Ty Balers

The most common balers are Open-end horizontal balers (medium balers).

These medium open-end horizontal balers can bale many types of products. For example, they make a good cardboard baler or are very good for any type of paper product. These are also used for plastics such as PET.

The horsepower for open end horizontal balers can range from 30 HP to 150 HP, depending on the volume. Each product has a pre-bale density in a given size in feed chute. Once this factor is known, a bale per hour and approximate bale weight can be determined. The product and the size of the cylinder will determine the size of the in- feed opening.

The cylinder sizes usually start at 6 inches and get as large as 12 inches. The infeed opening starts at 27"x 32" and get as large as 40" x 70". The bale sizes start at 30" x 36" by desired length to 42" x 42". These bale weights start at 1000# up to 2000# depending on a couple of variables.

Air Systems Design, Inc. offers a complete line of balers representing all of the major baler manufacturers.

Corrugator System Installation with Open End Baler by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

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