Air Systems Design for Diaper Manufacturing Systems

ASD provides new components, and works with existing ones, for diaper manufacturing systems.

For diaper manufacturing systems, Air Systems Design has been either providing high performance fans for diaper manufacturers, or working with their existing fans, to convey the large amounts of dust from the production lines to an Osprey drum filter. Taking the dust coming off of the Osprey drum systems, our systems work efficiently to deposit that dust into a briquetter. This allows for the production of small briquettes which can be recycled.

We design safety into every pneumatic conveying system.

Safety is a priority for all systems and Air Systems Design provides a spark detection in the diaper systems ductwork. In addition to this safety measure, we incorporate explosion protection, for the small cyclones as well as protection for the lines going to and from the small cyclones. ASDI does all the ductwork and installation saving time and money for manufacturers. Our range of expertise and services also means that we can provide the motor starters and controls.

We are always ready to conduct site visits in plants throughout North America and Latin America to determine how we can help your business obtain optimum efficiency while maintaining maximum safety. Contact us for additional information on our consulting services.

Contact us today to see how we can put together and install the most efficient pneumatic conveying system with the with components to meet your business' unique needs.

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