Pneumatic Conveying Systems in Folding Carton Plants

Air Systems Design has two generations of experience removing waste from folding carton plants.

ASD's experienced team has the know how to design and build the most efficient waste removal systems in folding carton plants. These systems can be used to convert large rolls of paper board into boxes or cartons for bottles. After marketing graphics have been added to the paper board with a press, the paper board is then dried and cut with a rotary or platen cutter.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems in Action

Folding carton plants use large rolls of paper board that are fed continuously. Understandably, as the paper is cut, large amounts of waste can be produced. Pneumatic conveying systems are critical in keeping the waste moving and maintaining a good work environment.

In any production process, everything needs to work, and work well. Pneumatic systems keep the waste moving so that the cutters can cut and maintain high production levels while managing the waste.

Air Systems Design works with our clients to design the perfect system to meet their needs and keep the production process going. Whether it's folding carton plants, or another industrial application, our team will work with you to determine the best pneumatic system to keep the waste moving out and production lines active.

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