Bindery/Finishing and Scrap Handling in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The illustration below shows a typical Trim System for handling the scrap being produced in a Bindery/Finishing facility.

Due to the fact that printing facility sizes vary so much, the number of required fan systems is dependent on the number of production machines being used. The first fan is designated as a trim only fan and is used to handle the trim pieces being generated by a Saddle Stitcher, Binder and Trimmer. It must be noted that ASDI designs air volumes and suction pressures for both the Binders and Trimmers in accordance to the manufactures specifications. This is important because these machines generally have factory installed pickups and manifolds already installed on the production machines which are designed to operate only under specific airflow specifications. Once the trim pieces have been captured, they will be conveyed by the fan system to a separator for either baling or compacting. The remaining conveying air being used is then directed to a filter for cleaning.

Fan Systems

As mentioned previously the number of fans systems is greatly dictated by the size of the facility, however it can also be influenced by the amount of shifts each piece of equipment runs.

For instance if only one machine runs 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week while the others only run 2 shifts, it may be advantageous to divide the system up. That is, putting a separate fan system on the machine that runs the third shift. This would allow you to run a smaller fan system during the third shift, in lieu of a much larger fan system sized for all trim producing machines thus conserving energy during that additional shift.

The second fan system shown in the illustration is a dust only system used for capturing from both the dust hoods and rougher section of the Binder. Once captured, both the dust and shavings will be conveyed to a small HEC cyclone for a pre cleaning. It will allow for approximately 98% of the shavings to be removed from the air steam prior to being filtered, thus allowing for extend life of the filter media itself. These shavings will be dropped from the bottom of the cyclone through a rotary airlock and deposited into a collection bin or drum while the remaining conveying air is directed to a filter for cleaning.

The third fan system is dedicated to a shredder system used for handling reject books, magazines, roll waste and other large waste products. In the past vertical shredders have been used but recently there has been a move towards the use of VecoPlan Shredders/Grinders. With the use of either, the shredded waste will be captured with is own fan system and conveyed to a separator system for baling. The conveying air being used will then be directed to a filter for cleaning.

This illustration shows a three (3) fan system.

Printing Bindery/Finishing
Scrap System Illustration
Printing Bindery/Finishing Scrap System Illustration by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

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