Printing or Graphic Design Businesses
Need to Control Dust in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Are you a printing or graphic design company that works with untold amounts of paper and need help managing the paper dust or waste?

Air Systems Design has decades of experience designing dust control systems for a variety of environments and industries. For graphic design businesses, we create custom designed systems for our clients by considering:

  • Dust control systems that are engineered and designed with maximum efficiency for graphic design and printing businesses.
  • Bale waste systems according to the specifics of our clients' needs to reduce dust, manage paper and manage waste removal.
  • Components are incorporated into the system based on our clients' waste output with special consideration on system maintenance and the horsepower needed for optimal performance.

If you would like to find out more about how Air Systems Design can help your graphic design business with retail printing and pneumatic systems, contact us today. Visit our printing page for more information about printing systems. For information on dust control, click here.

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Retail Printing Trim System Illustration by Air Systems Design for the most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

This illustration shows a typical Trim System for handling the trim and scrap being produced in a Retail Printing facility. When designing the system, the trim and scrap being produced by the Presses, Portable Trimmers and Shredder have to be considered. These three (3) different areas are handled individually and therefore the number of fan systems required is dependent upon the number of presses.

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