Separators for Material Handling in Pneumatic Conveying Systems Design

Air Systems Design, InC. offers a complete line of separators for all of your material handling needs.

Our Material Discharge Unit (MDU) boosts a high material throughput and reliability in a small design. Three (3) models are offered, all with various sizes to handle specific material types and volumes. Utilizing a perforated screen design, these MDU's are able to utilize the velocity and gravitation forces acting on the conveyed material to separate them from the conveying air stream.

Separator Models

The "S" Type is the most common unit used and has been the standard in the past few years. The unit itself has a height of 6'-8" and can handle air volumes up to 24,000 CFM. The majority of these units can be supported above a baler by the chute itself eliminating the need for support steel. In the event that larger air volumes are required, the "S" Type can be placed in a back to back configuration doubling its capacity while depositing the conveyed material into a single location.

The Low Profile MDU is a more compact variation of the "S" Type. It offers a height of 3'-11" allowing for a complete separating and baling system to be installed under some of the lower roof lines. This unit also offers a removable screen and light weight design eliminating the need for supports in most installations.

The MDU/Cartridge Unit is our most recent innovation allowing for material separation and conveying air filtration in a single unit. It allows for the conveying air to be cleaned 99.99% down to one (1) micron, while automatically depositing the extracted dust particles into the baling chamber to be baled along with the conveyed material in a single step. Floor space is also able to be conserved by having the filtering device supported above the baler along with the separator.

MDU/Cartridge Unit Product Benefits

- Takes the place of large cyclones and their required support steel structure
- Does not require the use of a rotary Air Lock
- Shipped Assembled, saving on both installation cost and time
- Complete Inside System
- Low back pressure and minimal down pressure
- Offers more Baler Chute than most inside the plant installations of separators or cyclones
- Discharged Air can be filtered to 99.999% down to one micron
- No limit to volume of Paper that can be processed

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Air Systems Design Separator Systems for the best, most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

Air Systems Design Separator Systems for the best, most efficient pneumatic conveying systems.

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