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Air Systems Design provides a full line of trim removal systems for handling the trim being produced by board sheeters.

These systems are designed for the worst case scenario which is running the widest trim at the heaviest weight and fastest machine speed. The flexibility of these systems allow for the placement of the fan system to be either in the production area or a considerable distance away. When the fan is placed in the production area and noise is a concern, a sound enclosure is provided for the fan system. These enclosures are designed for 80 dba at a distance of 3 feet away. In those cases when the fan system is located away from the production machine, it may be necessary to provide trim cutters. This is dependent upon the size and caliber of the trim being produced. Sound enclosures are typically not provided in this configuration but can be if requested.

When trim widths become between 4 and 6 inches, it will also be necessary to use a velocity controller prior to the fan inlet.

This will allow for the operator to regulate the amount of suction seen at the collection hoods while the machine is being threaded up. It in turn allows for a system to run narrow light weight trim just as well as trim from heavier board with widths up to 6 inches.

Air Systems Design Sheeter Board Illustration

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