Air Systems Design: Sheeter - Folio

typical Folio Sheeter Trim System.

The illustration shows that It utilizes a total of two (2) fan systems for conveying the trim ribbons and dust from the sheeter. In the event that the sheeter does not come equipped with the dust manifolds, the second fan system is simply removed from the overall system.

In order to capture the trim ribbons from the knife section, a single ASDI Chopper Fan will be used. The trim will be initially captured with hoods placed on each end of the roll for collecting the edge trim. The trim ribbons will then be conveyed by way of two suction lines. These lines will run independently to the fan system at which point they will merge into a single line just prior to the fan inlet. This will prevent the continuous trim ribbons from roping prior to being cut by the fan wheel. Once the ribbons have been cut by the wheel, the trim will be conveyed to a separator system for either pulping or baling.

The second fan system, if required, will be used for conveying dust only. This fan system typically connects to the dust manifold provided with the sheeter and is usually designed for both web cleaning and collecting the dust being generated by the slitter knives. Once the dust has been captured it will be conveyed to a filtering system for cleaning.

As shown in the illustration, all of the conveying air being used for conveying purpose will eventually be filtered prior to returning conditioned air back to the facility or discharging non conditioned air back to the atmosphere.

The air being used for conveying the dust will be directed straight to the filter bypassing the separator system. This will allow for the separator system to be sized solely for the air volume being used for conveying the trim, thus reducing the overall cost of the system.

ASDI can provide systems to handle the rejects from underneath the sheeter. They can be automatically shredded and conveyed to the baler or they can be baled along side the sheeter in a small baler.

Sheeter Folio Illustration for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Sheeter Folio Illustration for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Sheeter Folio Systems for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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