Air Systems Design's Line of Shredders automate Materials Processing

Air Systems Design, Inc., offers a complete line of shredders designed specifically for Pneumatic Conveying to automate the processing of recyclable materials.

By representing all of the major shredder manufactures we are able to work in conjunction with them to ensure that the shredder being provided is the most compatible with the material being processed. These materials include corrugated, folding carton, paper, magazines, books, slabs, butt rolls and cores, etc.

With the advancement in design, these units provide maximized throughput capacity along with the latest safety features available. Several models also boast the latest in noise control and suppression techniques allowing for more choices when considering shredder location, as well as providing a more comfortable work environment.

ASDI works along side our customers ensuring that the proper shredder is chosen for integration into the waste handling system.

Air Systems Design Shredders for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Air Systems Design Shredders for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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