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Efficient Tissue Handling Systems

Air Systems Design has an outstanding reputation for designing and building the most efficient tissue handling systems.

Businesses that work with large tissue rolls know that managing manufacturing processes in tissue handling systems is not an easy job. Between handing the 110" rolls and the waste created from cutting, manufacturers have their work cut out for them. They know that the fringed ends, also known as "cookies", need to be handled in a way that's not only efficient, but also minimizes dust so that employees can work in a safe environment.

Air Systems Design incorporates the most durable fans to handle the cookies from tissue logs.

Our fans are capable of handling the cookies from the tissue logs that are made from tissue winders. We design systems for the cookies to be conveyed to our separator over a compactor, baler or pulper, depending on the component needed to recycle or manage the waste and provide the most efficient solution for the manufacturer. The dust then goes to a wet scrubber or dry filter such as the Osprey drum filter, to keep the environment safe while keeping production going.

Tissue System


Take a look at our illustrations for more detailed information on tissue systems.

Tissue Pneumatic Conveying System Illustration

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